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[Exclusive Interview] Guatemala President, Trump President Invited to the National Breakfast Prayer Meeting and White House
Talks Feb. 6~9. Focused on Dr. Chun, Se-Whan, who helped the work behind the scenes.
2018 04 30 13 48 Է

Dr. Chun Se-Whan, Hillary in the Prevailing Atmosphere, Predicted A Declaration for Trump' Victory, in Trump's Presidential Campaign.

Trump's invitation to President's Election Dinner(Gala 2017), known throughout Latin America

Neftaly Aldana, Former President Constitutional Court of Guatemala, Dr. Chun, Requested for Jimmy Morales the President of Guatemala to attend USA and South Korea National Prayer Breakfast,

The letter of Dr. Chun to the President of Trump accomplished USA the National Prayer Breakfast and White House Talks Feb. 6-9

The President of Guatemala called to Dr. Chun "Thank you and come to Guatemala for Special Adviser" in the morning of January 18th

Jimmy Morales, a pastor from Guatemala, is a twitter @CanaldeGobierno (c)Sisa Times


[The Sisa Times = Director Weom, Mu-Hwan] Not a politician, he is attracting attention as a strange relationship between a missionary and President Trump is announced late. In particular, Guatemala, as well as the political leaders of Latin American countries, have been attracting attention as it is known that President Trump has made a decisive contribution to the invitation of President Trump to the invitation as a state guest.


The main character of a topic that is hard to believe in common sense is a chartered doctor. Dr. Chun has a master's and doctoral degree in Venezuela, a Latin American country, and has been a missionary to politicians of Latin American and American parliaments. He is fluent in English and Spanish.  

Dr. Chun, who predicted the election of Trump Presidential candidate, came to the fact


The beginning of the strange relationship between Dr, Chun and Trump is back in July 2016, when the US presidential election was hot. Dr. Chun, who visited the United States at that time, got news that according to most of the major American press Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton will defeat Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.


When such an atmosphere was striking throughout America, Dr. Chun predicted to the USA, European journalists, Congressional officials that the Trump would become President of the United States.   


Dr. Chun had a certain spiritual confidence for that.


The reason for this was that God had established President Trump as King of Cyrus in the Old Testament and would use it as a solution to the peace in Northeast Asia, and World Peace especially the Korean crisis.


So Dr. Chun announced this view to the key people in Korea, Latin America and the United States in a clear tone.


On the day that the US presidential election and the start of the vote, US media still reported on Hillary's election. So Hilary supporters swept into the festive atmosphere. In the early days of the election, Hillary was dominant. However, in spite of the atmosphere, Dr. Chun sent a congratulatory message to Trump

in celebration of Trump's presidential election camp.


Dr. Chun seemed to be treated as a person who was missing something or even a psychopath.


But the result was Trump's victory as predicted by Dr. Chun. Trump was elected the 45th president of the United States by hitting Hillary.


Michael Wolff, an author of "Anger and Flames", has argued that President Trump did not believe he was elected president, but the atmosphere at that time was hardly the case for Hillary. In such an atmosphere, an unknown Korean missionary predicted that Mr. Trump would be elected president, and he also sent a message of congratulation to the presidential election on the day of the election.


rgentina's Cynthia diplomat commemorates the visit to the Korean National Assembly. (C) The current affairs

Argentine Cynthia and Julio Cobos Vice President (left)

Invited to the Trump President's Gala Celebration Dinner Party (Gala 2017), and is known throughout Latin America


The most surprising result was President Trump's camp. As the dubious things came to life, they soon became interested in the existence of the Dr. Chun.


And Dr. Chun, invited along with former President Park Gye - hye, to Gala 2017, a day before Trump 's inauguration ceremony. However, due to the impeachment of President Park, this work has been abolished.


In Korea, this is not reported in the press, so there are few people who know about it, but this news is known all over Latin America.


Meanwhile, in mid-July, 2017, the International Parliamentary' Coalition for the North Koreans Refugees and Human Rights (IPCNKR) was held in Guatemala. The pastor of Guatemala Julio, a long-time acquaintance of Dr. Chun, Advisor for American Affairs IPCNKR, contacted former president of Magistrate Neftaly Aldana and asked them to join in with the President Guatemala. However, President Jimmy Morales could not attend because of the schedule, and only Magistrate Neftaly was attending. At that time, President Guatemala Jimmy Morales made a statement saying that he would not be able to attend this time but would ask him to attend USA and Korea National Prayer Breakfast Meeting in the United States and South Korea.


Neftaly, A letter from the former chief of the Constitutional Court of Guatemala (c)

Neftaly's Former President of the Constitutional Court Speech at 14th IPCNKR in Guatemala (c)

Neftaly' letter to Sandra Erica Jovel, Foreign Minister for the Guatemala President' United States and Korea National Prayer Breakfast.


On October 23 last year, President Neftaly sent a letter to Minister of Foreign Affairs Sandra that Dr. Chun could visit Guatemala in order to discuss the possibility of President Jimmy Morales attending a US, and Korea Prayer Breakfast attended by President Trump .


So on November 14, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Sandra sent a letter to the Dr. Chun, in the memorandum President Jimmy Morales could attend not only the American, but also the Korean National Prayer Breakfast.


Dr. Chun who received the letter was embarrassed. This is because, in the case of the American National Prayer Breakfast, the deadline for sending the invitation letter was completed at the October of last year, more Dr. Chun no experienced in USA National Prayer Breakfast However, Dr. Chun accepted the request and started to work in earnest.


The official request letter from the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Guatemala to Dr. Chun that Guatemala President could attend USA Breakfast Prayer Meeting and South Korea


Dr. Chun Send a letter to President USA, Mr. President Guatemala to attend the Breakfast Prayer Meeting of USA


On December 19, last year, Dr. Chun sent the following letter to President Trump.


Your Excellency Donald J. Trump

The President of the United States of America


Your excellency


The Honorable, President of the United States, Donald John Trump,


I thank this opportunity, which is to introduce myself to The President, to God, The President of ICCF John B. Gantt and Dr. Miguel Moreno.


My name is Dr. Chu, Se-Whan who is a South Korean missionary dedicated in the evangelization of the Central and South American parliament and school campuses since 1987.


The Guatemalan Foreign Minister, Sandra, sent me a letter indicating the president of Guatemala, who is also my friend, Jimmy Morales interest in attending the 2018 February United States National Prayer Breakfast.


In Central University of Venezuela (UCV) and UCAB, I have done evangelization work to Central South American leaders and students as a Doctor of the masters program of International Relations of the United States and Central and South America. Since 1994, I also invited many Protestant leaders, such as the Venezuelan Protestant Party Leader, Godofredo Martin, to the South Korean National Prayer Breakfast.


The speech at the South Korean National Assembly that the President of the United States, Donald Trump, gave on 2017 November 8 was an excellent preach that summarized my 30 years of missionary work in Central and South America. That dynamic speech has inspired not only Koreans but also my Central and South American friends.


After hearing the President Trumps speech at the South Korean National Assembly, Central and South American leaders were enlightened to the fact that the Korean political and economical growths were made possible by the cooperation of faith based leaders like President Trump.


President Jimmy Morales, who is an ordained pastor like me, desires to attend the United States National Prayer Breakfast, South Korean which was established to began in May of 1948 through National Father' Prayer as like Lincoln, for the betterment of Guatemalas future.


When I visited Washington in July 2016, I did predict to Jesus Sanchez Canete, who is the chairman of USA Hispanic and Politico Hispanic publishing companies, European journalists, and democratic figures that then President nominee Trump who lead the God fearing Republicans would be elected as President.


I prophesied that only a faithful president like Trump, who is like the Persian King, Cyrus, that freed the Israelites from the Babylonians, would be able to solve the issues in the Korean peninsula that is making the world chaotic.


God told that President Trump would be the one to prevent the Big Trouble of Korean Peninsula, which was established as a Christian country by the martyred American missionaries 135 years ago.


On 2016 November 9th at 1PM, despite the losing position of then president nominee Trump, I sent a congratulatory message to ICCF Dr. Moreno for your victory on the election.


President of ICCF, John B. Gantt sent me and President Park invitation letters to the Gala 2017, which president Trump attended to.


Although we could not attend due to the impeachment situation, I thank president Trump for giving us such a festive opportunity.


All the Central and South American leaders are aware of this news and respect President Trump.


I hope that the President of Guatemala, Jimmy Morales, who is also an ordained pastor, would be able to attend the United States National Prayer Breakfast and pray for the David-like leadership of President Trump.


May the Lord provide good health and wisdom like Solomon to the President of the United States, Donald Trump.


CC. The President of ICCF, John B. Gantt


P.S. An official document of the Guatemalan Foreign Minister, Sandra


The pastor sent letters to the President and officials of the influential press, Washington, USA, including ICCF President John B. Gantt (a member of one-third of the US Senate).


In particular, President Jimmy Morales, a pastor, would attend to not only USA National Prayer Breakfast but special meeting with President Trump at the White House.


Pastor Chun invited Cynthia diplomat from Argentina's first Protestant women's Congresswomen, who leads Bible and prayer meetings every Wednesday to upper and lower legislators and diplomats in the US Congress in September 2017 to Korean Congress National.


Dr. Chun told Cynthia that Jimmy Morales President Guatemala could attend USA National Prayer Breakfast and special meeting at White House.


Also Dr. Chun had said to the President of USA HISPANIC and POLITICO HISPANIC, Jesus Sanchez Canete, of Washington, USA, to influence the American politicians for the President Guatemala.

Salta State Argentina newspaper article capture) (c) The Current Affairs Times

On the morning of January 18, President Jimmy Morales of Guatemala makes a thank-you telephone call and invite Guatemala.


The Ambassador of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Guatemala has informed Pastor Guatemala that United States would pay Guatemala's visit to the United States for USA National Prayer Breakfast and Special Meeting at White House February 6-9.


They had said to me that there has been no such thing since its history, and all the officials are surprised. The work is done.


However, it is remarkable that Jimmy Morales, the President of Guatemala, called the Dr. Chun directly on Jan. 18 and asked him to visit Guatemala. And that the White House visit was adjusted for three days. President Trump has invited President Jimmy Morales to the United States as a state visit.


"I was delighted to hear from you," said Dr. Chun. "In fact, I have had some difficulties in succeeding Jimmy Morales' visiting to USA as a missionary.


However, it seems that the meeting with President Trump concluded perfect, wonderful and successful because God loved President Jimmy Morales and Guatemala.


In particular, Dr. Chun has started for President Jimmy Morales to attend a USA Prayer Breakfast and Special Meeting at White House, where God moved President Trump's heart and invited him to the White House with Sandra Erica Jovel Foreign Affair and the Cabinet of Guatemala.


It certainly seems that God loves Guatemala and President Morales, "he said, showing humility to the glory of God.


"I have heard that the President of Guatemala and the President of Trump in connection with the meeting concluded that some people are promoting as if they were trying to do so," said Dr. Neftaly. "It is a good idea to explain the matter to the people.


On March 8, 2018, Neftaly and his wife Sandra participated in the 50th National Prayer Breakfast in Korea with Dr. Chung, Kun-Mo.

Dr. Chung is Chairman of International Advisory Board, KINGS( Kepco International Nuclear Graduate School), former Minister of Energy and Technology, former The President of IAEA, and former Candidate President for South Korea.


He said to Neftaly that KINGS could provide 100% Scholarship to five Master each year for not only Guatemala Energy but all countries including Latin America.


The Sisa Times will hold an official interview with Dr. Chun Se-Whan in connection with the matter and plan to further elaborate on the details to the readers of the Sisa Times. In addition, the plans to report on the future progress of Dr. Chun and his the current ministry of Latin American countries and another World .

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